If you had to play any other instrument (in the orchestra) what would it be?

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title says it all...
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string bass
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the violin or a blow instrument maybee....
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piano, or violin, or double bass would be fun
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Violin or Cello.
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Piano. And violin.

I'd love to learn both. I plan to buy a keyboard and teach myself some piano stuff.

And violin. Well. I've heard it's incredibly hard, and I think I've already got plenty on my plate. Don't need a vicious teacher down my throat all the time.
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sax or piano easily win it
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trumpet. I already do in my school orcheastra. They wont let me play guitar. They said "we do not want a little rock instrument in our band" I showed them at the talent show. My band played. Now they want me to play guitar
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Flute, I used to play it.
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why, the awesomest instrument of all of course.

the Trombone!

i already play it at school. and i think its one kick ass instrument
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Any instrument, you say...well, I'd play the Kiddy Fiddle!

Just kidding, I'd probably go for the piano.
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Anyone else noticed that theirs a surprisingly big amount of UGers playing orchestral instruments..?
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why, the awesomest instrument of all of course.

the Trombone!

i already play it at school. and i think its one kick ass instrument

It's the only insturment to truly be in tune, I play Trombone but I recently switched to Bass Trombone, it is sweeeeet. The Trombone has a nicer tone than most of the wind insturments too.

Playing Trombone for a ska band is kickass
Sax isn't an orchestral instrument.

Violin maybe, or double bass.
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I wanna learn how to play the violin.
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i'd play double bass
How do you drown a blond?

Put a mirror at the bottom of the pool.
Violin definitely.
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