I have been playing guitar for a few months now and I was just wondering how to palm mute and wether there was a perticullar way of doing it.

Basically, you rest the little-finger side of your picking hand on the strings, leaning against the bridge of the guitar. Now, when you pick, the sound will be muted.
Good quality palm mutes come with time, although there's nothing stopping you getting thick palm mutes when you first try it out, it'll just require a little more gain.

You need to place the side edge of your picking hand on the strings (as if you were trying to stop them all from ringing, or as if you're karate-chopping the strings) but hold it there, then you'll pick. Chances are, when you're first trying this, the notes will just sound dead, or like bum notes. Still, with a bit of practice they'll start to sound like muted notes. The closer the edge of your hand is to the bridge, the thicker the palm mute will sound. Alternatively, the further away from the bridge the lighter they will be, until you start sounding harmonics (depending on how hard you're pressing down).

Put some time in them and try and listen to songs that incorporate palm muting so you're able to emulate it.

Good luck.
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its the same way you probably pick but with the chunky part of your hand on the strings close to the bridge.