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Same difference? Meaning its differences are exactly alike, and are parallel in opposite? So they have the exact same thing wrong with them. Two identical twins have scars, but the scars are in the exact same place, so their differences are the same.
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Did you get any buttsecks?

Did anyone try to finger your cornhole?
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Instead of using Valves, could I use Light Bulbs instead? If so, would the new energy saving ones be OK? Coz I do a lot of playing

I got my pick stuck inside my guitar . . . . how am I supposed to get it out?
depends what country you are in? Different countries have different views on minors some take there offences quite seriuosly. You will probably have to do comunity service like cleaning grafetti or streets etc. I dont think you will be liable for the costs as their insurance will cover it.


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