I do poi, fire breathing and staff myself but does any one do any thing else and or have any decent moves they'd like to share?

and for those of you who don't know what fire spinning is this should clear things up (the second one down is really good)
i dont do fire spinning as such but one of the gangs at school asked me to join coz im pretty good with a bo staff :P

seriously tho i do bo staff with my martial arts club and its great fun, and really imrpoves ure dexterity, i dont really like poi tho, just doesnt interest me very much.
i find that loads of moves are transferable from staff to pi and visa versa, i'm trying to suss out doing poi behind by back atm, its rather hard

EDIT how much contact work is involved in bostaff cuase with a iere staff you often spin it so that it is turning around a body part like the neck or arm with just momentum no hands or anything
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Damn, I really wanna do that stuff
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i just got into poi but i dont have a real one. i just use some long socks. my dad will leave to sao paulo soon so if you could tell me an adress of a circus arts prop store in sao paulo i would be really thankful.
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