Ok after finding out the other one needs phantom power i looked for more and stumbled across this one. http://www.music123.com/Behringer-C-2-Studio-Condenser-Microphones-i156828.music it doesnt say phantom power so im assuming its not, is it? Also how do you think it would work for micing an amp?
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Ok. One: All Condenser microphones need phantom power. Two: What type of music do you play? Condensers on amps best for clean playing on something like jazz or blues or just plain clean parts. If your gonna be playing with distortion it's best to use a Dynamic microphone. A shure SM57 should serve you well for a Dynamic mic, and it Dynamic mics don't need power!
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IMO condenser mics are better for everything, clean, distortion, growling noises, everything. they capture the sound better and pick up dynamics about ten times better than a dynamic mic. And yes they all need phantom power, and would benefit greatly from a tube preamp.
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