A couple of weeks ago I was looking for a new guitar at eBay.uk until it hit me: maybe I could look a little closer to myself first! And I must say, I found a few pretty sweet guitars!
This is one of them:

It's a beautiful (not sure if it looks metal enough though ) and rear ibanez RG505 in awesome shape but there are a few things i'd like to know:
Is the only difference between the 550 and the 505 that the 505 has a rosewood fretboard and the 550 a maple one?
Also, look at these pictures:
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It's got the AANJ (witch should mean it's from the late 90's) but the neck looks like one piece maple (not superwizard). So can anyone tell me what neck it is and how it compares to the superwizard.

The bridge is an edge (I'm pretty sure) and doesn't seem to be parallel with the body but what the hell! It shoud be easy to adjust.

I'd like to know what year it was made, the serialnumber is F519781.

Here's a close up picture

I can get it for 400€! Let me know what you think!
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The only thing I know is that the bridge is most likely parallel. The Edges are just made like that where the sides are not flat and kinda triangular. I can kinda see the knife edges on the trem, and it looks parallel to me.

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"Is it metal enough?

It's an Ibanez, now ask youself that question again.
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I'd get it over my Ibanez RG1570 , so yeah, get it.
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Yellow is the most /\/\37@L colour. I'd be interested if it had a maple fretboard, but the rosewood fretboard looks so wrong. Also I prefer maple.
It's a Wizard II. Nice axe.
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F519781 means it was made in the Fujigen (Japan) factory in 1995, bridge is an original Edge...it's an absolute steal at 400 euros!
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