Hey guys, I was just looking through various guitar sites such as Jackson, ESP, Ibanez and Dean and it struck me that hardly any of their V guitars have tremolo systems, specifically locking ones. Is there any specific reason for this?

Just wondering, but if anyone knows of any exceptions for ESP and Ibanez it would be appreciated as I know there are some Jackson's and Dean's with them.


(I know that Dean have the Razorback V with a trem system, but I'm not really a fan of signature guitars. They are sexy though. )
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If you're willing to pay out the ass, you could get an imported ESP SV. It's just like the Jackson RR1, only with EMG's and a 24 fret neck (dot inlays though, instead of the cool sharkfin ones on the Jackson). I also hear they're better in terms of neck contour and quality of build.

Of course, if you're like me and you want a V with that warm mahogany tone, you should check out Bernie Rico Jr. His Vixen guitars, while very expensive, are neck-thru mahogany with ebony fingerboards, and many custom shop options, such as a Floyd Rose, pickups of your choice, and you even get your choice of a flamed or quilted maple top at no extra charge (the top at no extra charge, the other options cost much more xD)!

The ESP SV will cost you like, $2500-2800, and the Vixen is closer to $3200 (with trem). Then again, there's alays the other Roads V's that Jackson makes with bolt on necks for around $600.
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