Hi, I have only just joined.
This isn't my first song but I would like to know what people think of it.
Currently there are only 2 guitars and drums... no bass yet.
It's only name for it is Frag but that won't be the name of it when it's finished.
It is in GP4 and GP5 format... well 5.1 but i'm sure it will work with just 5. There is a midi as well.

I may some of my other stuff later.

Tell me what you think of this one for now. I will critique yours back.


[edit: I added a GP4 file as well.]

[edit: It is now completed(ish) still no bass]
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my computer won't play the file. it's not in the formats you said. Fix it and PM me and i'll crit it
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The part at 43 is really good, kinda catchty. You should make the chorus darker and phrase the solo thing at 1:18 a little slower and better. And make sure you finish this cause its pretty fickin good. I'll give it a 9/10
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Guitars will bring girlfriends. Girlfriends won't bring guitars.

Because footstools are cool UG's Classical Guitarists
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Lamb of god fan?

Not really. Don't know any of their songs apart from Laid To Rest.
Song is updated! Still not finished... Clocks in at around 3 mins so far.
All the files have been updated so re-download please!

Thanks for your views.
Nice stuff man, specially the breakdown and the Bodom Harmonics!
Is your name Alexi Laiho? If not I wonder how you can play the solo :S
Pretty good dude. Some of the solos are pretty tricky though. I liked the riffs though. On the scale of 10 being extremely extreme and 0 being not very extreme I'd give it a 9.5! *high five*

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Sounded like children of bodom but it was originall enough not to be a copy very well done. I dont know if i can tell you anywere to improve

I really liked it 10/10

PS You wouldnt happen to have a band with a demo would you LOL
that's pretty cool! I like the drums very much... some points:

1. The guitar sounds (harmonics) are horrifically annoying lol!! I'd chnge them...

2. The solo at bars 14/15 is very bland and needs to be something a bbit fancier/cooler to fit with the song

3. the riff is very cool though... I like it!

4. Break down verse also a great touch, adds flavour well

5. THe Main solo into acoustic solo works well - nice job!

Overall, promising song here... with a bit of work it could polish up nicely!

Crit back?

Many thanks!
Updated again!!! It is now kindof complete, has an ending but still no bass. The ending is a bit crap though, I will make the ending chorus longer with more solos and stuff and better ending. Redownload and tell me what you think.

Thanks for your comments so far.
Very good song, not sure about the harmonics at the start though i can kind of see the sound you're after with them. Good use of harmonies and little bar tricks throughout, reminds me of Children of Bodom meets Lamb of God. Good solo too, if you can play it then thumbs up.

9.5/10, 10 with a bassline

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