I was thinking about buying a pair. Does anyone own , or tryed noise-cancelling headphones that can tell me if they are worth buying. Thanks.
Other then Bose (which is too expensive for me) are there any out there that you reccommend. I was look at these ones.

Made by Macally , its for my ipod.
Earphones or headphones?
The bose earphones suck, my cousin had them and they didn't fit in his ear or cancel out the noise.
But bose are generally a good brand, and make good headphones.

The shure e2c earphones are noise cancelling and really good.
if you want noise cancelling then headphones are generally better than earphones, and as far as my limited knowledge goes Bose are best. They are expensive but as someone above said of you will use them alot they are a good investment.
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Yeah, you can get a decent pair for $50 or less. Notice I said decent, as there will be limited capabilities as far as their noise-cancelling capacity. My $20 pair suits most of my needs, though.
Check out Sennheiser PXC250's, i read a review on headphones and earphones recently and these came out tops in noise cancelling sets
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I got a pair of good Sony earbud ones for $40. They come with 3 different sizes of the "bud" part made out of silicone or something, so they can fit you really well. You can buy a ton of stuff to customize the sound quality, for all of it is like $200. They worked great until they were stolen.
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i use shure e2c and there great let no noise through