Hello guys. Firstly I'm very sorry for being such a badass and asking for such things instead of using search. So let me start. I have this assignment for music lesson and I need to find some Italian, French, Spanish music and songs. They should be plain and catchy. As for Spanish, I can play "Malaguena" and "Spanish balad" , but I don't know any French or Italian songs (and/or music). I'd be very grateful if you'd help. Thanks in advance. BTW Can "Besame mucho" be considered as Spanish or Italian song? And can "Classical gas" be considered as spanish music (although it's not)?
"Bésame Mucho" was written by a mexican lady so no, it's not Spanish music. If you want true Spanish music try Paco de Lucía, he is amazing. Although, if you want pop artists try La Quinta Estación, Alex Ubago or Alejandro Sanz (I hate this last one). As for Italian, I would go for tarantellas (folk italian music) or italian popstars like Gianluca Grigiani, Eros Ramazzoti or Tiziano Ferro. I don't know much about french music but Emmanuel Moire is pretty good. Also try Morglbl Trio and Metal Kartoon. Both of them are Christoph Godin's bands. Note that I'm not sure if he's french or canadian but some of his songs are in french ("Les 70's" for example).