Tool is a wicked band with a lot of great songs, and I haven't seen a cover contest for 'em. So I'm making one.

1. It's up to you how much of the song you play, but of course it's better if you do the whole song. Vocals aren't required, although they're a plus.
2. No two people are allowed to do the same song. First come first serve.
3. Backing tracks are allowed, but the guitar must be all you.

Deadline is one month from now, February 19.

lugzz - Prison Sex
Maddy! - Aenima ?
rtman26 - Parabola
as_i_lay_dying1 - The Pot
AcidRainO - Lateralus
toolrules86 - Undertow

Myself (Wonthefu)

All the judge spots are filled, so don't ask!
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hey can I do Prison Sex???if so do i post link or upload or what? thanks
I would like to do 46 and 2

BTW Luggz for the win already lol
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What on earth is SRV?
I apologize, but I need to withdraw from the comp. Sorry for any inconvenience.
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What on earth is SRV?
If we lose anybody else, it may not be a bad idea. It's the 13th, and there's only one completed entry.

Come on guys, Tool is bad ass and I want to hear people cover them. I've never heard a Tool cover by any band.
I'll do a cover.

It will be full electronic though, is that alright?
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what happened man?

Sorry guys... I couldnt find any backing tracks for TOOL. And I sure is **** aint gonna sing it lol! That would be sacrilege with my voice. Plus I've got two business I own and operate and Im just TOO busy to sit down and actually do it. I will be checkin in though. Good luck!
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What on earth is SRV?