i'm currently using a nice old strat that i am happy with.. thing is tho i would like an epi lespaul. but after trying it out... it just felt weird.. then i took an explorer and loved every minute testing it.. thing is tho i think it looks like crap (sorry explorer owners!) so i'm in the middle should i go les paul or explorer? oh btw both i tried had satin finish( no relevence i just like em) do help in making this weird choice
you might learn to like the explorer over time; I've seen a few guys using them (and then there's The Edge) and they've looked great
If you really want a Les Paul, you'll probably want a Gibson if you can afford it.

There are a bunch of varieties of LP's, both Gibson and Epiphone. What exactly about the Epi LP that you tried felt wierd? Did the neck feel fat? There are Epi and Gibby LP's with different neck styles (fat 50's vs. slim 60's). LP's are also much heavier than Strats.

I understand your dilemma. Obviously, the sound of a guitar is the most important thing, but the way it feels in your hands is also very important - and one shouldn't discount looks either. If I were you, I'd sit on this decision for a few weeks, and you may find that the shape of the Explorer grows on you a little. I know I hated them at first, but I came to like their unconventional shape after awhile.

Keep searching for your perfect guitar. Don't compromise on anything, just keep looking and eventually you'll find what you want
the les paul that i tried was really comfy in my hands and the explorer too.. but the thing is, the lp just felt really weird.. like. i could not do what i usually can do on my strat.. but on the explorer it just seems, natural? but sound wise the lp was nicer. feeling its the explorer. and plus once i buy this guitar it's gonna last me for at least anotehr 5 years so i've got to like it.
there was a czech enterprise which bulit guitars for epiphone, i don't remember the name but it was something like melody ..., and their epiphne guitars were really great almost equal to gibsons (really) since epiphone closed the factory, their guitars became rare pieces if you find one - buy it, if not buy the one that feels better... so the explorer?!
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Remember that guitars play the way they've been set up, and if you're planning on keeping this guitar for 5 years, you better get it set up the way you like it. Talk to the Luthier at the guitar shop about what it is that you like about your strat, and why the explorer feels nicer, as opposed to the LP. If you've found a Les Paul that you like the look and sound of, and an explorer that you like the feel of, get them to change the setup on the LP for you.

I've never played an explorer, but I'm sure you could get the same neck profile and action set up on an LP without adding too much to the cost. It could be as simple as changing the string gauge.
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hmm setting it up isn't a problem for me. it's more of the if i buy will i regret kinda feeling.. it's like having 2 girls having crushes on you.. which will take. hot blonde or cute brunette that kinda thing

edit: called the person at the guitar shop just now. he says a epi firebird wld be arriving.. may like to try that too. anyone owns one?
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