I know how to deal with tension in my left hand but lately I've been having this awkward tension in my right hand (picking hand) and it's really limiting my speed. As soon as I start speeding up my chest/armpit/upper arm/whole right arm tenses and tries to "squeeze" the guitar. So I tried playing at a slower speed, then slower, slower... like, really damn slow... and my arm still did that suqeezing thing. Usually I can find a way to get rid of tension once I find out where it's coming from, but it's in my whole arm. I tried standing and sitting in a more comfortable position to see if it has any influence on my arm, but the tension is still there.

Has anybody ever experienced that? How did you get rid of it?
It means you're trying too hard. Chillout dude.
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I think you might be trying to play too fast, and when you do, your upper body tenses up. I used to do the same thing. My advice is just use your hands, and leave your arms as loose as possible. You'll get more speed and things will be easier if you aren't so tense. Hope this helps.
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I often have this problem too.. It happens when you play things that are hard for you too long. I suggest u do other exercies and don't do the one that makes tension to you as much as you do (only a few times a day) - for me it was bar chords at the beginning, and also when i'm trying sweep picking and try using my pinky too much. I guess this sucks with guitar, you can't learn as fast as you'd like to.
Thanks for the advice! Sounds pretty logical. I'll do all of this and see if it helps. :-)