I'm sure you get plenty of these, but please help me. I'm a noob at electric guitar stuff and I need a hand making my amp sound less muddy. I have a Standard Strat and a Spider II and all the sounds I make are muddy. When I want to solo while still having droning bass notes, the bass chokes out the treble almost completely and all my sounds are tinny or just crap.
well maybe there are some spider owners that can help with amp settings.

as far as the guitar goes. u can lower the bass side of the pickup ur using. and or roll back the volume a little.

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What pickup are you using? Use the bridge if you're not already.

Turn down the bass, use more mids too.
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Mids and treble up, bass down, with the bridge pickup. Or, if you're using a different pickup, set the tone knob to 10.
dont use the insane channel. Its insanely crappy (pun intended).
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