I am getting a used EMG 85 from a friend and I've run into a few problems:

I know that my 500k pots will have to be replaced, but what kind of pots do i need to get? And where do I get the battery clip and such? I am only getting the pickup and nothing else.

What would be a good EMG to go the 85? I am looking for the older In Flames sound, and I'm also not sure as to where i should put the p-up, bridge or neck?

All help is appreciated!
The EMG 81 is always a good bet, but 85s are quite nice in the bridge aswell, though not many people use them because Wylde etc use 81s. But the 85 does make a good bridge pickup too!
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I bought the Zak Wylde set and it came with everything, new pots, battery clip and input jack. The jack has to be a stereo one by the way.
Check EMG's website they offer everything you need and I think you can buy direct. If not try GuitarFetish. They offer the pots you'll need.
i dont really like EMGs too much, but i would prefer an EMG 89 in the bridge and an 85 in the neck.
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85s are typically neck pickups, but yes some people do use them in the bridge. Most run an 81 in the bridge and either a 60 or an 85 in the neck. I think in flames use a 60 in the neck, but that really doesnt make a difference, seeing that they never really use their neck pickup. Emgs run on 25k pots and a different capacitator(sp maybe). So what i would do is buy that 85, then go and buy an 81(they come with everything you WILL need to swap out) and just mesh the two together. How much is he asking for the 85 anyway?
I'm trading him for an X2N. I want something a little more versatile then the X2N. I've played EMGs and I like them a lot better then the Dimarzio.
EMG's don't have that much versatility, probably the same as the X2N. IMO that's a pretty bad trade.
if you liked the sound of emgs, then shit go for it. I love emgs, and i like dimarzio too. But it's all a call by ear. dont let anyone tell you differently.
To each his own, right? Thanks for all the help everybody. I've decided to get a 60 in the neck. Like someone said, If I buy it new it should come with all the pots, jack and such and I'll just mesh the 85 in there.
yeah i take credit for that one. I'm nice! But glad i could help though. I would want somebody to the same for me though, so i'd gladly help!