hi all,

i have more of a theoretical question about constructing your own humbucker from two single coil pickups in the bridge position of a strat. currently i have a lace sensor in the bridge, and i love that, and dont want to replace it, but having said that i miss the traditional stratty sound, and am looking into getting a set of 57/62 reissue strat pickups to replace my current swineshead and texas speical neck and mid combination.

my question is basically could i place both my lace sensor and the bridge single coil from the 57/62 next to each other to make a sort of humbucker, but so that they would each retain their individual sound, and maybe even be able to be used together, and futhermore would putting said newly constructed humbucker on the slant (same style as strat bridge single coil) affect the sound, or would putting them flat like most bridge humckers make them sound less stratty?

if you can follow that your a genius


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it'd be very possible. you'd just have to have them both on at the same time, it wont be as heavy or hot as a humbucker, it would be closer to it though.

its a great idea by the way. lace sensor with 57/62s ..i might have steal it sometime
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just to clarify the 57/62 set would give me a sort of traditional strat sound, in sort of the same mould as john frusciante (sp?) ?

kinda, but your not gonna get the same sound partly because of the style he plays with. youll get the hot pick up sound for funk, but not so much the bright treble he gets from actually playing a strat with 3 single coils

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i dont know if it is possible... i thought that with humbuckers one set of coils is a dud...

I dont customize my guitar p-ups so i dont know much about that.
i think i didn't explain it properly, my fault

i didn't actually mean make it into a humbucker, what i mean is place both single coils next to each other (where a bridge humbucker would be) so that i can have both the sound of my red lace sensor (which i like) and also the traditional stratty sound.

my point is basicaly can i have the best of both worlds, the distortion and sound of the lace sensor, but also the more traditional strat bridge sound and possibly the bridge and mid position, hope that helps sort it out

o and btw, i realise i will never sound like the RHCP, i am not trying to, just trying to give you an idea of the sort of sound i aim for

i would only do it if could use both single coils independantly of each other, i dont want a humbucker sound, but i would like to have the choice of two single coil bridge sounds, again hard to follow

Actually the reason Strats dont get hum when you run two pickups is because the middle is usually reverse wound. But if you butt two singles up side by side you will get the hum and interference like a humbucker.

But either way you wont get the distinct sound of 2 different pickups going at once because the signal would feed through one jack and mix. You would need different output jacks to get different tones from each one at the same time..
no no wait, perhaps i am not clear enough still.

i want to run each coil independantly of each other, NOT AT THE SAME TIME

i was wondering if the magnets would adversly affect the sound of each other, or wether moving the position so they can both fit would mean the sound would be different
make sure they are both wound diffenret ways one has to be reversed wound that is IMPORTNAT
or the magnets will not attract and you will not be able to but them together thats the whole point of a humbucker and theyre meatyness

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i dont want to make a humbucker, what i want is two independant bridge single coils
Well if you are running them at different times then, yeah Im pretty sure you can do that. I havent tried before so Im not 100% sure. You may not get a real great sound from them because Im not too sure how they will sound butted up together, but you can always try. I just wouldnt have the slightest clue about how to wire that up.
The bridge pickup is normally at an angle. I'd say allign it straight vertically like the neck and middle pickups, and then just put the other single coil next to the lace sensor. As far as the tone change, there might be a little bit of a difference, but not enough to make a huge change. I'd maybe put a mini 3 way switch for the bridge arrangement to add the option to switch between lace sensor, regular single coil, and both pickups together along with whatever the 5 way switch is doing, or you can just replace one of the tone controls with a blend pot for the bridge pickups.
Then your thread title is very misleading. You should have asked "Can I put two pickups next to each other?" You can, you can also play with them, put a out of phase switch, series/paralell, or just wire them so they're like a normal humbucker (without bucking the hum.)
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yes i apologise the thread title is very misleading, in my crazy crazy mind i thought i explained what i wanted in the first post, but i appreciate that perhaps i didn't so i apologise

also, would the fact that the lace sensor has something like a 13k output (dnt quote me on that) and the 57/62 would only have like 6k (again dnt quote me) mean that the 57/62 would have to vastly higher (closer to strings) than the lace sensor, thus making it like ever so slightly hideous, and would making the strat bridge pickups straight mean they loose the unmistakeble tone?

EDIT: have changed the title to be more relivant, hope this helps
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yes thats excatly what i meant, but i only want two singles in the bridge not the neck, my only worry is that it would affect the sound, i.e i would have to move the strat bridge pickup a little to fit in the new one, is this true?

Having two pickups next to each other would proably change the sound, as their magnetic fields would be afffected by the other pickup...I've never tried this, so i can't tell you.
Two lace sensors might not be a problem because they have weaker magnetic fields...but...I don't know about a Lace and a standard single. Never tried a lace, don't know much about em.
make sure that one is reverse wound, and maybe wire up a DPDT so that you can select with that and still use the 5 way switch. it might even be a QPDT, i ain't sure. i think it goes


57: right pole
62: left pole

output: middle pole

(i think)
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