hey guys...
i want to buy an esp-ltd guitar ...however in most of the guitars i like , pickups are 81 active set .... and since i like to play some clean songs, blues songs, malmsteen songs.. i'm wondering if it is worth it to change the guitar into another one with 81 (b) ..85 (n) or should i go with 81 active set coz its that different
definitly get an 81 and an 85. much better.
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Quote by Liarsenic12
definitly get an 81 and an 85. much better.

I agree. I have that in my Explorer.
Clean? O Rly? I'd suggest not getting active pickups then; they're too agressive if you ask me. I can kick some passive ass on my Schecter any day, . But, as far as those pickups go, I don't know any specifics.
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if you want better cleans, you could always get a 60 in the neck.
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i love metal and i want to play thrash ...but also nice cleans...thats why i want to 81 and 85
also the 60 , 81 combination is not found in many guitars
The 81 and 85 don't actually have a true clean sound. So if you're after clean I'd stay away from them. The Seymour Duncan Jb/59 combo is always popular for both metal leads as well as great cleans.

If you want both high gain and nice cleans go for the 81 and 60 combo.
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