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I've been really uninspired and bored when it comes to music recently, so I was hoping you people could help me out by giving me the names of a few new bands worth listening to. I generally listen to stuff like The Smiths, Pulp, Arctic Monkeys, Suede etc, so any bands along those lines that anyone could recommend would be great, thanks
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i dont know those bands... but check out John Butler Trio.. good shit, not too many people know about
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I already love Oasis but I'm not mad on the Smashing Pumpkins, they did my head in a little bit when I listened to them before. What Cure/John Butler Trio songs do you suggest I listen to?
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Hmmm...depends on how popular u wanna get with them but maybe Friday I'm In Love or Love Song, they have a greatest hits cd out that has alot of their better stuff on it.
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I just downloaded them 2 songs as well as I'll Stop the World and Melt With You...I really like his voice, but the lyrics are a bit of a disappointment
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dude how could you not know the smashing pumpkins??? that crazy you should check them out....
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My Bloody Valentine
Joy Division
The Arcade Fire
Explosions In the Sky
The Beatles

..and they may be hard to track down, but if you like the Smiths you should check out The Soft Boys.
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Sunset Rubdown
The Arcade Fire
Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Tapes 'n Tapes
Wolf Parade
The Fiery Furnaces

EDIT: And if you like the Smiths I suggest you check out Jens Lekman and some Voxtrot.
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we are scientists, sonic youth, howling bells, muse and nirvana, they're my faviroute bands and all deserve a listen to
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everyone should listen to Radiohead
Also The postal Service, 65 Days of static, Muse, Dan.ed.will, The Red Carpet Pilgrims, The Illuminati, Man In Grey, Fireflies, Voxtrot, takka takka, Ted Leo and The Pharmacists, The Octagon and The Decemberists
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sonic youth, bloc party, arcade fire, blonde redhead, the only ones, gang of four, fugazi, the happy mondays, camera obscura, doves, interpol, joy division (and possibly new order if you care to take quick break from the smiths' more depressive stuff), we are scientists, tv on the radio, yeah yeah yeahs, the shins.

yeah, those should keep you going.
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Múm, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Notwist, The Figurines, Ugly Casanova, Islands, Nada Surf, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, The Books, The Album Leaf, The American Dollar..
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Hmm, you might like Wolf Parade and the New Pornographers. Both great bands in my opinion.

And give Broken Social Scene a listen. Not because they look like they fit too much, just because they're great.
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I'm surprised this isn't closed yet.

The Dismemberment Plan
Archers of Loaf
Q and not U
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^ So am I.

Jon, you're so shit

(that was a joke Jon)

Usually leave the recommendation threads open for 10/15 replies though just so I don't feel like the **** I really am.
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