i was thinking about making my own pedal since ill have some free time soon, and was wondering
how hard is it to make your own pedal?
how much does it cost?
is it worth it compared to jsut buying one?
and the most important question
how in the hell would i go about doing it?
you'll need an egg, fish scales, catnip, and a lot of weed.


good luck.
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you'll need an egg, fish scales, catnip, and a lot of weed.


good luck.

you think your funny don't you..
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depending on which one, it can be really easy, and cheap too. i would suggest something like the Bazz Fuss as a first one. get all your parts from www.smallbearelec.com. it should cost under $15.
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Nice thing about building pedals is that you can do whatever you like with them, though. It's my dream to build my own rig: amps, effects, and guitars.
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but what would i do if i really had no idea how to read or make any of those electric diagrams and stuff?
You would have to learn how to.
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