And no this isnt the chicken or the egg question.

Basiccly I've got a whole bunch of material that I want recording however. When I program the drums after its sounds crap....can never get the timing right.

So what do you guys do?

Recording the Guitar first? or program the drums first?

Thanks for any help and advice given, it is greatly appreciated.
just make a song with the guitar first but keep the drums and vocals in the back of your mind like after writing a riff think about where the drums will go to keep the timing right.
i program the drums first, its almost impssible to get the timing right if you dont.
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when you say you program the drums, you mean that you're using a software to make the drum tracks, right?
Record the drums first, because that's what should be keeping the beat in the first place, and if you're using a drum track software, it's an even better idea to get the drums first, because with a software, it should always be on beat, which will end up helping you make the song sound better cause the tempo doesn't unintentionally change, and it'll help you learn to play on beat as well
drums first.
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I will always put down a basic drum beat or just a click track first. This helps you stay on beat and get the basic song together. Then you can work on programing the perfect drum beat later. Its like a little puzzle, you can't program a great beat without the melody, but you can't put down the melody without a beat.
i personally make a scratch rhythm guitar track first. i play each riff perfectly to a metronome so that everything is as dead on as it can be. then i either record the drums to that and the metronome or i program the drums to that. the scratch rhythm track will sound like crap because it has no transitions between chords or riffs (it sounds jumpy) but it is a good basis because it is in time and you can set up the structure of the song. after the drums are down, i do other rhythm instruments (bass and a good guitar track) and then lead instruments (guitar, vocals, fills, etc.)
Well at the moment im using Cubase SX 3....

Ive got some really nice melodic material... so the drums arent really going to be used for anything along the lines of metal....so i cant imagine it been complicated.

But thanks alot guys this is really useful infomation!