ok i was just wandering if anybody has any experience with the 65w dsp princeton.if so is it a good amp it retails at 400 dollars and i saw it at my local guitar center for 125 dollars,it looks to be an older version like 2000.i tested it and it sounds extremely nice for the price but do you think it will hold up seeing how its used.thanks in advance
I had one and its actually a VERY nice for what it is. Is this the 2x10 Princeton Chorus? Great reverb and cleans.
If so its a great buy for 125.
definetly, i have this amp it has very beautiful cleans, and quite a few effects. although mine was 250=(,,, but defintely a great amp, my teacher has one as well
yea thats sounds right he said that he wasnt 100% sure if it was the chorus but yes it is a 2x10 thanks now i can do some more research on it and im probaly buying it tommorow after i cash my check
I own the exact amp you are talking about, and as with all Fender amps, the cleans are quite exceptional, but the distortion is lacking, but it's not TERRIBLE, but not suited for metal of any sort. The effects aren't the greatest, but what amp has effects as good as stomp boxes? The final warning is, for a 65 watt amp, this thing is EXTREMELY LOUD at low volumes. Volumes 1-4 on either channel are insanely loud and past 4, the increase is very tiny. On the holding up part, I've dropped mine, it's gotten wet, and I've lost a few knobs at times and it still works quite well. Only complaint is that after about a year or so, extended playing causes the volume to cut off completely, but this can be fixed by simply turning the amp off and back on again. Hope I helped! Cheers!