My favourite website except UG is www.uncyclopedia.org] what is yours?

If like me you have been banned from editing Uncyclopedia for a while by one of the annoying admin people then you can always use a proxy server like proxyninja.com if you are rally that desperate to edit the website.

Any site will do go on whats your favourite?
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i dont go on anything other than UG.
sometimes i go on nexopia or myspace and chat with bands or go on the nexopia foums,
but their guitar forum sucks MAJOR ASS.
ill get a link.
EDIT: no i cent send a link, i can only give the homepage and you have to find it yourself within the page. oh well.

if you saw their shit ass guitar forum, youd be thankful for every minute you spend on UG.
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If you do a search for buttsecks on that uncyclopedia.com it says the page was deleted, but you can be redirected to a page about Ultimate Guitar, which has also been deleted.

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You mean there is more to the internet?

On a serious note, I thoroughly enjoy last.fm
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Last.fm runs my life
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You mean there is more to the internet?

On a serious note, I thoroughly enjoy last.fm

I constantly check my Last.FM page as well. Very fun stuff, really.

MySpace. CollegeHumor. Facebook. Random crap like that.
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Wait, there's other sites apart from UG?! I thought that was a myth...

It actually is a myth, He's trying to take over the world
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