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Yes, and yes


Yeah, that.
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Quote by GiantRaven
Yes, and yes

Yeah, what the gordito said.
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i wish there was a forum that was filled with just as many idiots and exciting/funny threads, cept without talking about music. that's the only downside to this forum.
UG - Best guitar forum? It is likely. UG is a nice friendly place, and although we've recently been infetced with noobanism, we are all good. There are probably larger forums out there though.
God damn yes. It may have its fair share of stupid people but their are alot of great people here too!
Yes there are bigger, and hell no... UG is one of the worst. Harmony Central is way better...
There is probably some anime role playing forum with half the internet population somewhere.
well the old MX forums are okay, they have a good music community, but this place is better with the pit and guitar related shit.
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Is bigger necessarily better though? if there weren't so many noobs (note: only time i'll say noob instead of virgin. although i did just retype it) and multi-users the forum would be more of a community rather than thinking 'who the **** are you' to whoever posted above you
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yeah its great here. everyone gets puttsecks and ass raped...good times.

Shush, you've been here for a month.
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So what? I wasted like 5 minutes watching DaddyTwoFoot's avatar.

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I'd say we've got a pretty great community. But then again, I havent been anywhere else.
There are far biggerforums than UG, however this is the best forum I've seen so far.
Maybe because there are mostly guitarplayers here...
there are bigger ones, yes.

this is my favorite, and the only one i frequently visit though.
I'll put it simply: you won't find other 'family friendly' forums with "carrot skinned by some girl" in the name of threads.
Yea it's the best.
UG is a great forum. You have the pit for entertainment, and when you need good advice or need to learn something for guitar their other forums are excellent. Musician Talk forum for the win, so much to learn there.
Even though I got banned on this is still the best.
hey guy!
I believe the forums have a TON of members....everyone who has xbox live has an account on there. haha
I looked at some other forums while I was banned, and they don't come close to ours. There are retards everywhere, no matter where you go (even science sites were abundant with surprisingly stupid people). UG has more colorful members and more interesting discussions, not to mention more musicians (duh!).
well it's a hell of a lot less nerdy than the gaming forums, a lot more specific than the usual 'omfg forum' forum, the overall IQ is (just) higher than the average chat forum, and the people are helpful enough. also, it's better on the eyes than harmony central. ugly forum.
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Yes its a good forum;

Entertainment value is always high +

Lack of up-their-own-arse puesdo intellectuals who think they have amazing forum etiquette. +

Quite big yet still a great community feel with good regulars +

Much better than say, MX tabs forum. +

Discusses almost anything +

Informative +

I imagine the World of Warcraft forum would be huge, that's probably the only one I can think of, off-hand.

UG is definitely the best, though. I base that solely on my opinion, though.
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Quote by DaddyTwoFoot
Shush, you've been here for a month.

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There is probably some anime role playing forum with half the internet population somewhere.

You're actually correct. Go to and look for yourself. Gaia online has a population of over 5,000,000.

UG is the best forum ever though. :p
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LG was the best, UG is the biggest, one i know of that is
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There are undoubtably bigger forums. But this forum is probably the best. But then again this is the only forum I've been on for the last 2 years.

BTW in absolute number of members Ultimate-guitar is the 56th biggest forum in the world.
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We are the best there is. I mean, look at Sarah- our wonderful chat moderator person. She is probably the greatest human being on this planet.

...I'm still perma-banned from chat ...
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This is an excellent forum.

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hey d00d i herd u dont like shred u r a genius 4 thinkin dat. all shred is fukin lame wit no soul u no wat im sayin??
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You're actually correct. Go to and look for yourself. Gaia online has a population of over 5,000,000.

UG is the best forum ever though. :p

ug is in number 293, not the b iggest fotrum, but one of the best
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