I'm in a fairly punky/grunge band and I'm enjoying playing gigs. We don't them often but enjoy them when we do. But recently I've been unable to write songs for the band and have wanted to write more emotional songs than just punk. Thing is i don't know where to start.

I want to have a meaning or a story behind my songs but i don't want to rip anything off, i'm lacking inspiration to write these songs. Any ideas for themes of what to base the story around? Something complicated ish and i dont particularly want anything thats blatantly cliched.

Right about what's going on in your life, write about politics, write about your beliefs, there are a lot of choices.
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i like the country ideals of telling a story with a song. i say do the same, but don't tell a crap cliched story, tell something that moves you as a person, when you do this the audience can tell yer not bs'ing. for example, i normally don't like pop/rock tunes cuz they're usually overproduced and written by 30 different people, all of which are autonomous robots. but i heard the hinder song 'lips of an angel' and i really really liked that cuz it sounds like he really means what he's saying, he's living it, he's not JUST singing, he's feeling it. it's a catchy song and i can relate to what he's singing about and i'd be inclined to believe that it was written about a personal experience.
i'm influenced by transcendentalism and romanticism, as well as exeriences of others and myself

and random stuff too, sometimes
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