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I thought it was OK, I really liked some of the realistic depiction of combat but I didn't like the way they just had to have the black guy always be the one killing women and children. It wasn't as good as the book though.
Oh man. Black Hawk Down is probably one of the most UN-American films ever....
Trust America to f*ck up a military operation in the desert...

Hang on...The events in Somalia - 1993
...Invasion of Iraq...2003?!
Yah, I have it on DVD. Brilliant war film.
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I think you're reading into the fact that he's black a bit too much. It's not like they portrayed him like he enjoyed it. She picked up a gun so she's not a civilian anymore.
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a lot of artistic license taken with that film, it was good, but it's more ... based on a bit of a story, then based on a true story
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Great film. My dad and my grandpa really enjoyed it.
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I didn't like what I saw of it much, but I never watched the whole thing through so my
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I thought the movie was great. It had great realism and some parts were pretty sad. Like the boy shooting his dad, or the woman getting shot after she picked up the AK.
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The book was much better but I liked the movie too. I like reading books and if they have a movie I like to see it in th director's eyes and see how different their imagination(or the real scene) is.
book>Film, although the info on the bootcamps was fun, Delta Camp>Ranger Camp

Delta camps first day consisted of playing with explosives, ranger camp consisted of drilling.
i love war movies,but i never get the plot,i always get caught up waiting for the sweet action
Aye its in my top 3 war films.

WW2: take a wild guess... Yep, Saving Private Ryan

Vietnam: We Were Soliders

Modern: Black Hawk Down

Apocalypse Now, *M*A*S*H*, Full Metal Jacket, TORA! TORA! TORA!, Patton
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I can see SPR and BHD on your list but you should check out some others... The Thin Red Line, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, The Longest Day, To Hell and Back(Great book too).
i couldnt watch it all, ive tried watching it twice.... it gets really boring and repetitive
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Platoon is one of my favourites. Thats the physical side of war, Apocolyse Now is the mentle and degradation of war. War sucks. Pacificm rules!
execellent film. one of my all time favorites.
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Black Hawk down was just well done. It did a good job of staying out of the whole, "just war, unjust war" banter and portrayed the soldiers as good men. It was excellent.
Good movie, and it keeps the extremely annoying American propaganda stuff (as found in similar movies) down, and focuses on the battle.
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^yeah, out of all the hollywood blockbuster war depictions, it's probably one of the best. and i love choppers for some reason so it's kind of good in that way.

and it has the added bonus of a very small amount of stars and stripes-kind of things.
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I really love that film, definitely one of the better war films

Plus... you get to watch Orlando Bloom fall out of a helicopter, it's not often you get to see that...
I liked Black Hawk Down. The scene where the two sharpshooters go in to save the pilots is great.
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I find war movies are pretty epic... but most of them are too "GOD BLESS AMERICA!!!!"

Although I've heard that the Thin Red Line and Clint Eastwood's new ones are supposed to be pretty not like that.
It's like any other war movie:

Not as good as the book, but not as bad as real war.
Great movie, but nothing can beat the Band of Brothers series
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saw it in the cinema years ago. good movie from what i remember, I must watch it again actually.

there are better war movies though. saving private ryan and full metal jacket are two off the top of my head.

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Why the yawn?

I did forget about SPR though. That movie was fucking awesome.


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I thought the movie was great. It had great realism and some parts were pretty sad. Like the boy shooting his dad, or the woman getting shot after she picked up the AK.

I thought the boy shooting his dad was kinda funny.
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Why the yawn?

meh, I remember watching the first few episodes on tv and thought it was really boring.

each to his own though.

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meh, I remember watching the first few episodes on tv and thought it was really boring.

each to his own though.

I was hooked after I saw some guy pissing on his rifle to unfreeze it.

To each his own, though. The WWII thing is becoming very tired.
I like it. Sizemore really makes the movie good, for me. I love his voice, it SOUNDS like a war hero voice.

I thought it was good, though. Not the best ever, but overall pretty decent.
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My next door neighbor in Fort Drum was Colonel Steel, Cpt. Steel portrayed in the movie. Great guy, quite larger than the actor who portrayed him. And wasn't the dick they painted him as. He has never read the book or watched the movie and doesn't intend to.

He also played offensive line at Georgia when they won the National Championship with Hershel Walker.
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