i was wondering, will a squire be able to fit a american strat trem?

i was on guitar fetish and looking at the trems

what ones will fit??
The imports. The American ones won't fit.
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The trem block on the one sized for the imports doesn't look better than the Mexican-made Fender Standard Strat trem, which is slightly better than the puny block on the Squiers. Those would probably be better than the ones on the Squiers made in Indonesia or China, though.

My Japanese Squier's trem block is like the American Fender's. very hefty and the 6 holes line up exactly. Not sure why Fender went with the puny blocks and the smaller string spacing with the Mexicans and newer Squiers.
Because the thicker bridge blocks on American Strats make the guitar sound and sustain better. So you'll be like "That American sounds better than my Mexican, better go buy it!".