want to retube my valveking these good tubes?
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theyre the basic tubes, almost all manufacturers use them, very balanced.
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There fine. Pretty much the middle of the road tube. If you eally wanta upgrade I'd suggest looking at JJ's. I hear they sound a good deal better.
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I don't see much point in retubing it (unless you've worn down the tubes of course) with mediocre tubes. Go for some JJ's.
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EH aren't mediocre, and JJs aren't all that they're cracked up to be. they're good, but not THAT good. go for it.
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I have JJs in my pre. Dont really care for them. Im going to give tungsol a try.
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I purchased a complete re-tube set from Bob at Eurotubes.
JJ 6L6GC power tubes and JJ ECC83 "high gain" preamp tubes.

These made a big difference in the sound! THe amp sounds much better with the JJ's than the stock Sovtek and EH tubes.
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