Yes, I do know that it exists a thread about this, but it was kinda old and I thought it would be better to just start a new one since my question slightly differs anyway.

So, I'm considering sanding down the neck of my LTD EC-300 slightly to get a little less "glossy" feel to it. Is there any specific method to do this to be sure to keep it even, and how far dare I go? If I just sand it down a little to get it a little smoother, would I still need to oil it in any way or should the finish still be enough to protect it from humid and whatnot?
if you want less gloss then get super fine steel wool and rub the back of the neck.

If you want a reshaping then work with 60 until its the general shape move up to 220, the n400, then 800+ Thats what I do, sand in a long stroking motion. And hand sand! I can't stress that enough, HAND SAND using a machine sander will most likely screw up your neck, throww off the truss rod, and possibly snap in half if conditions are right. Just work with caution, sand knowing that the neck may be unusable at any time, so that will make sure you dont' oversand, and it will also promote checking the neck to see if you have any bumps alogn hte neck and uneven sanding in the overall neck.

After the neck is to your prefered shape, I like to finish it off with tung oil or tru oil. let it cure and give it a light rub down with ultra fine steel wool.