Currently I have a cheap crybaby. It was given to me and its pretty much brand new (still has the plastic on the bottom). Guitar center says they'll give me 50 bucks for it towards another one.

Heres what I want. Basically the thing with this cheap 70 dollar crybaby is its sweep is way to broad. It'll go from high end to so low that it cuts the volume out. Total trash when distorted. I want a wah thats really smooth sounding that doesn't suck a ton of tone. Something along the line of the way slash sounds when he plays his wah. You know, that smooth sound thats not so harsh and in your face when distorted.

I've heard the Vox V847 is the best one for around 100 bucks but I'm open to other suggestions. Thanks.


Heres an example of the sound. Go to about 3:45.

BTW...my amps are a JCM800 and a Traynor Blue.
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yeah vox v847 is the way to go. i have one and its really great. only thing i dont like it is it doenst have an input for power supply. but batteries will last long.

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