Decided to go for somethin more upbeat...the only thing i'm not happy with is the transition into the verse.
I did the best to make it sound decent if anyone has any tips for that it'd be nice.
Song 13.zip
kinda weak... neat verse(16 sec in) good resolutions. rest needs to be reworked. (especially the intro) but you can fix it so don't think that it's the end of the world. as it is right now, i would give it a 5/10 but if rework it keeping the verse then it could get 7.
Good start.

crit mine
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Hey, pretty good! I like the main riff and drums. The solo starting in 3.08 is nice. And outro is good too.
I have a few tips for you:

- Try to change the intro.
- The part from 0.15 to 0.30s needs re-work, or just change it to something else. I think it doesn't fit in the song good.
- The solo part from 2.14 to 2.25 needs a little bit work. Make it more dynamic.
- The rhytm guitar in the solo (starting 3.08) should play something else... but it's only my opinion.
- Maybe the rhytm guitar should be louder?

Overall, the song is nice.
I know Sidewinder has been banned, but I thought I'd say(besides the fact that I'm pissed) that he did NOT write this song. Me and a friend from MSB(www.mysongbook.com) wrote this for a competition Jan-Feb 2007

Except for the clean verse that Sidewinder added...this song is pretty much exactly how him and I wrote it.

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I never brag about how incredibly awesome I am.

Nice...so he ripped off my song...and changed one riff to a riff from a song he ripped off. Wicked. Just great.

Oh and I was wrong..the song is not exactly the same besides the changed verse...he cut out the intro keyboards, I didn't notice that right away 'cause I was so freaking

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I never brag about how incredibly awesome I am.

Thanks, its one of my better works I guess, mostly just because it flows together better than most of mine. I can't take all of the credit though...except for the 2nd solo(in the original version) my friend wrote all the solos, he also added all the keyboard lines(except for the interlude section). And I think he helped me rearrange some of the parts too, so it was really a collaboration(which we did alot of), me supplying the main parts...him...turning it into something good...but anyways thanks.

Oh, and after re-listening to the original, I also notice he ripped out one of Rumpy's, slightly modified my solo, and he tuned all the guitars up a step. Instead of a standard C tuning with Dropped A# he tuned them up to a standard D tuning with a Dropped C. Which is was stupid...the reason the song was tuned the way we had it is because you don't get that really heavy intense feel if you tune higher. Whatever....I think I'm done being mad, lol I guess its kind of flattering in a not so nice way...I didn't think I wrote very good music...but then someone comes along and steals it(yes he also stole Rumpy's part....but I already knew he wrote awesome stuff).

Anyways...whatever. Does make me scared to post more songs though.

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I never brag about how incredibly awesome I am.

Hey Sykon, about the "flattering"-stuff: You may remember that episode over at MSB, about a year ago when a canadian metalcore band stole my song "Twisted Remains".
You know what reaction I got after I called them out and asked them to remove the song ?
"errm... wel your song sucks and we weren't gonna play it anymore anyways, because its crap and our new stuff is sooo much better".
Sure dude, then why did you took it in the first place ? Nevermind the fact that my song was the favorite of their fans and got the most plays on their myspace, and they heavily advertised that it was the Headline-Song for their freshly recorded EP. (BTW, to add insult to injury, the other songs they had were also stolen, from msb-member afaf). Oh well, they broke up afterwards anyway.
Just so you know, some kids put up a real fitty pout about stuff like this. I know it's better to think of it as flattering, but when you look real at such actions, there's nothing more than a despicable human being behind it.

The only thing you can do if you continue to post songs is to at least spread them all over the net, crosspost them on multiple venues, so lots of people hear it and in turn recognize it when somebody else steals.
Look at this episode here, this kid basically took years-old stuff from msb (I guess my song was the latest, I composed it in last autumn), and because there's not much personal exchange between the two websites here, people didn't know any better.