Like before, just guitar and vocals. And yeah, I realize my timing was off at the last part of the song, but I didnt feel like recording the whole thing over again. Oh, and I had to leave out the solo at the end because I cant really play it yet, I'll try to add it on later when a learn it, but it probably wont be for a while. Tell me what you think.

very nice,keep them commin
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Quote by vivalasoad883
vocals were amazing, was that you singing?

Sure was . Thanks
nice stuff. sounds a lot like the original and your voice sounds really good, fits well. i would suggest adding a bass for some more depth to the overall sound, and then it should be good. if you have one, an octave effect can be efficient enough although only a true bass would make it exceptional.
yeah...the vocals were just great, like QOTSA, Great! Maybe a little fatter guitar tone and it would be even better! Rock on!
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nice, the vocals were pretty spot on. you need someone to either play or sequence you some drum tracks to go with this. i'm not super fond of the guitar tone but then again i'm not fond of QOTSA tone either. it does sound kinda close to what they use, though.
r u sure they were ur vocals, they sounded sooo much like QUOTSA, u need a drum beat to go with them but otherwise im impressed