I came across it while looking for a solution for a cabinet for the Valve Junior I want to buy. There's a picture on the site, but I posted a hi-res one below as well.


One 12'' speaker.
Eminence "Lady Luck"
16 ohms, 70 watts.

Warning: This link contains an enormous picture

I have a feeling I'll be buying this, but it depends on the price.
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nice. i'm thinking with an eminence it should be under $100.
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is that a real tube amp?...valve amp?...whatev?

what kinda music does it suit?...could i maybe..gear it for metal?
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Dude, GC cant even get them in stock yet. I just got off the phone with my local one and they said they arent sure of the price or any of the specs on it yet, because they cant get them in.

But I would think that they would be around the $100 mark, just because Epi is going to have to beat Loopline and Avatar's prices. But I dont know.