Hey I'm pretty new here. I couldn't find a forum for help on writing your own songs. Not lyrics, but notes. Would that be the Riffs forum?

And also, whats are covers and cover songs?

Thanks for the help.
covers are when do a version of someone elses song.

like when GnR covered Knocking on Heavens Door.

and the Riffs forum is where you post your riffs. not where you get help writing them
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In the 'guest columns' section there's plenty of lessons dealing with song structure, inspiration, etc.

Covers and cover songs are the same thing. It's where a band/newer band "covers/plays" and old band's song.

Like if you had a band called TheMagicFlyingCheese and you played a song by the Beatles it would be a cover song
Ok, but is there a forum that I can get help on like how to transition from one part of my song to another?