I have the ibanez practice amp that came with my Jumpstart pack, it's a little dinky thing... I believe that if I get a new amp I would enjoy playing a little more... Anything under 200 would be ok. Thanks in advance
Vox AD15VT if you're into classic rock, cleans and that kinda stuff.

Roland Cube 30 if you're into metal and high gain stuff. They're both good amps!
i got this 250$ one,(i kno its outta ur price range, definety worth saving up for tho) they have alot of them on eby last time i checked, Kustom 65 watt DFX, it has 8 different digital sound effects, hook up is easy, its great, i couldn't find ne problems with mine. its a definet buy, so if i where u, id save up and go for this one
Go try your guitar out in a store on different amps, such as the VOX, and a few others, see which you like the sound of, in the end how good the sound is depends on your taste and opinion.