have you just started playing acoustic and/or guitar? if you want a cheap guitar and you don't mind the price, go for it. when it comes to buying a cheap knock around guitar there isn't much thought process in it if you know thats what you want.
well I play electric and I had a nylon but in an unfornate event involving fire,beer and gas it has gone and I was just looking for a cheap (but not crappy) acoustic just for playing around campfires,playing softer stuff with and so
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If you want a "good" cheap acoustic, buy a Yamaha. They are made in Japan, who are some of the finest Luthiers you will come across. Their quality control is extremely high.
Cole Clark FL1AC Acoustic

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I got my pick stuck inside my guitar . . . . how am I supposed to get it out?
i'd venture to say that none of us have ever played that guitar, so we can't give you much of an opinion on it. my only advice to you would be to check out cheap guitars on musiciansfriend.com or guitarcenter.com or a site like that. at least you can read some reviews of the guitar and it will give you the guitar's specifications. i'm pretty sure i've seen some $40-$50 Rogue acoustic in musicansfriend. although they are crappy as well, they are probably slightly less crappy than something like that guitar on eBay.
Notice how the shipping cost was wuite large but the guitar only went for 99cents or whatver.
Looks to me like some fake form Chine,
Get your ass down to a guitar shop and buy a Yamaha or something decent instead.
Yamaha FG700S, fantastic for the money. Well worth the price (which isn't very much)