well i have a band just now and we have played a few gigs for friends birthdays and stuff like that.
but now its come down to writing our own material.
basically the band has turned into a sort of metalcore/screamo outfit, that sounds like bring me the horizon and enter shikari.
Ive also been literally "forbidden" to play ANY solos.

i'm really NOT into this type of music: i prefer metallica, van halen, children of bodom and other stuff like that.
ive suggested riffs and had them virtually knocked back in my face.

any suggestions? apart from the obvious option of just quiting?
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kick everyone else out.
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Try to compromise with ur fellow band members. If that doesn't work, then i suggest simply joining another band/leaving or anything similar.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

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my band no like my riffs either poor unsung rythym guitar heroes of the world
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talk to your band and see what they think. and if they say no then just leave the band.
Think be for you act: are they really good you riffs? What are their arguments? Is there any true point? Do they make their own riff-propositions? Then decide what to do and follow the steps written above my comment.
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i dunno if they are good or not, ive been told by a good couple of friends they are.
they have been called, by the singer (who everyone else ALWAYS agrees with even if he is wrong), "sh*te 80s music that belongs in victorian times" :|
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my band likes my riffs there like "holy shit man!! you did not make that up!!" and im like yeah i did. but the riffs are too simple for me and i hate them, ive created the trem. picking one which i like
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I don't think you should be in a band where you aren't appreciated. Quit.
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Quoting yourself is cool.

WARNING: I kill threads.
Yeah try to compromise or atleast find out why they don't like any of your riffs. In the end if they say no it's not worth it, just quit a band like that is not something you'll want to be in.
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Theres nothing wrong with songs without solos or screamo

Just in this guys situation, he's better off finding another band
cheers for the help guys
i guess since ive got exams coming up we won't be practicing as much and since im leaving school it'll sorta fall apart anyway :/
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