Hey, I'm working on starting a physcadelic-blues band with some friends and was wondering if you guys had any suggestions or ideas for names, instruments, etc. We have a bassist, lead and rythym (maybe?) guitarist, a drummer, and are working on getting a vocalist, also, I can play the lap steel. We are going for kind of a Pink Floyd meets Albert King and SRV sound, and so we will be improvising alot due to the blues influence. We use alot of delay and the flanger I own but I also use a tubescreamer. We are working on getting the tones of David Gilmour, Hendrix, Stevie Ray, ect, but just need to get money for the rest of the padals. I know it sounds ****ed up, but I think it will come out really great. So any suggestions would be really great.
if you do it well, it should be pretty awesome. You should try to get a keyboard/organist too.
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Well I think it goes without saying that you need a synthesizer in there but to come anywhere near Pink Floyd you need to innovate. Pink Floyd still has the world boggled on how they created some of the sounds they use. My advice is learning the technical side of the instruments that you're using (buy a pickup building book, make your own tones, become friends with some tech saavy kids and get them to tweak you a few pedals). Try looking into abstract forms of music, Hawaiian, Latin, etc. Find some instruments you've never heard of before and see what you can work with. There is a million bands out there trying to do what you're doing, find something that separates you from the crowd and puts you on the stage.
i would definitely put in bongos for psychedelic sound, get a talk box, and maybe a bizarre instrument like a theremin or something.
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concidering Physchedelic , hust like all good music in the world, is basically based off of the Blues i would have to say its been done. But good luck anyways.
I really hope you guys pull this off because I think David Gilmour meets SRV and Albert King would be orgasmic to my ears. Also, make sure to put it on myspace or something.

Names? I dunno.
Electric Sheep always sounded psychedelic to me.
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Cool. Ya we are working on getting a keyboardists and I may have to do the keyboards for a backing track when we play live but I will be sure to look into some odd instruments and effects that should set us apart. We don't have a myspace right now because we are still in the very early forms of the band. Thanks for you suggestions.
You could experiment with the depth and rate on the flanger turned wayy up, it makes some pretty crazy sounds.
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I'd say you should get some keyboards, even if you don't use them in every song, it's really good to have someone who can play keyboards properly, you know, to add to the ambience or tension of a certain section of music