The guitar i have on me: Epiphone LesPaul Standard

I was just curious to know what sort of picks ups would be great for a more punchy,high-end, yet maintains a low crunch.
The sound wanting to produce would be that of Heavy/thrash Metal(like bands like Trivium)
I've considered getting a EMG H4 Passive Humbucker Pickup,but i just want to be safe and not buy anything i'll regret later.

and yeah if your wondering "its the effects that depends", FYI - i have a Digitech Death Metal Distortion pedal and a FenderStage112se(which combined produces excellent metal sounds-no joke)

so are these EMG's really are waht they are cracked up to be?
Contact the company of the pick-ups you want. Call their customer service, they will tell u if its a strait-fit or not.