First off, I have a Epi Les Paul Standard.

My problem is that when I use alot of gain at a high volume I get a piercing screeching sound from my bridge pickup. This is not a feedback sound but much like when you put you mouth too close to a mic. I believe it has something to do with the wiring of the pickup. Any suggestions?
It IS feedback. That annoying sound you get when you put your mouth too close is also feedback. It's just not controlled feedback, which is what your used to.
turn down your gain maybe?
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you're too close to your amp probably, high gain incites high feedback when you're close.
the sound from the speakers must be causing the feedback. feedback goes like this:

guitarsound-->amp-->speaker sound--> guitar strings-->guitarsound, etc.

turn your back on the amp, that might help, or put some foam behind the nut to reduce the vibrations.
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