This is one of my first songs I've written on guitar. It took me a little while to write, and I wanted to know from someone how it sounds.
New Song.zip
Pretty basic but put together really well
i liked the solo section tho
good job dude
basic, simple pretty though out i guess... ok solo but you can improve. I think this is a good start. Keep going and add more intresting progressions

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yeah, pretty much what these guy's said, simple but very well put together. I loved the solo, even though it was short it fit the song perfectly. I liked bars 21-25 when both guitars are playing different parts with different rhythms at the same time and it all worked together, that must have been difficult to do, but it sounded excellent.
For such a simple song that did work very well. I'm not too sure of the drums at bars 7-12, they dont really work for me. The verse took some time to grow on me, but the 2 guitars working together work well, although once again for me the drums detract from it. The breakdown with just the bass was very good, but maybe try and give the bass a little more to do? Not much more, keep the steady rhythm, but give it a few more notes. Both the solo and the bit before it are very good, although possibly the solo could do with more on 62-65? It does then lead well into the chorus though, and it ends very well. For a first try though theres almost nothing to criticise, although maybe next time try and use some other progressions like someone else said? I wouldnt change the chords in this song though as they work very well for what it is.

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