ok i wasnt really sure where to put this but the description for this forum said "find all the tabs you need"...

does anyone know a site(s) where i can find banjo and/or mandolin tabs?

im a complete beginner on both but am pretty good on guitar, so i dont think ill have much of a problem picking up the instruments (both of which i got for X-mas and havent been able to play em cause i was in a car accident a few days after)

as my name suggests im a classic rock man and dig the blues with a touch of bluegrass and some psychedelics to go with. so can anyone suggest some songs to learn first (isnt there a blind melon song with mandolin?)

also, ill need to know the tuning for both and a site that shows at least major, minor and blues scales would be most helpful

thanks to anyone who can help.
is that it...?

no one knows any tab sites?

how the F am i supposed to learn dueling banjos!

seriously though.. no one?