so just wondering who else likes santana?....i'm a big fan, i hope i'm not the only one here


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I think he's a good guitarist, but I've never really liked any of his tunes
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He's great, always picks a great band and he does have a...really great guitar tone.

His cover of she's not there is good, and african bamba and smooth of supernaturakl.As well has blakc magic woman

Wrong place though, try the blues/jazz forum mabye
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Love his playing...and his tone!!! Gosh...almost makes me melt.

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I think he's pretty neat, haven't heard much of his stuff though. I think he's really under-rated on this site.
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Meh. He's alright.
He's a non-guitarists guitar player.
Just the same Dorian licks again and again, gets really boring, really fast. I used to love him, but then just grew out of him... can hardly listen to him now as he just grates. Very distinctive tone and sound, good for him on that... but just too much of the same stuff for my liking.
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that 0/10 was for gonzo slash, i despise him.
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i saw the blues festival thing on TV a few weeks back and he did a few songs with eric clapton. needless to say, carlos owned that stage. eric's a great guitarist, but his tone can't compete with carlos's, especially when they did the santana stuff.
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He's awesome. One of my favorite guitarists.
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Santana is very unique and has an amazing tone, but as a guitarist cannot make you "grow up" in your guitar playing.

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