hey just wondering u fguys sleepwalk/sleeptalk

well anyway i have hjad bad experience sleep walkign i was staying in a motel cas i weas traveling NZ with family and anyway i wa havig a dream that i was in another bed and when i woke up i was on the bottom floor of the motel (i was supose to be on second) ((also the doors go striaght outside)) and i came outta of a door and thats were i woke up i was comletly lost and in pyjamas lol (shorsts and t shirt) ((in new zealand ) and then i wa slooking for wehere i was suppose to be i walkled onto the road back into car park and then i decided 2 knock on peoples doors and ask them if they had seen my dad they got rather angry and shut the door on me so then i was thinking were i was and tossing upo to sleep next to the car lol but then i checked the second floor and a door was open so i went in there and called out Emma(my sisters name) ad she answered so i explaned everything to her and she laughed at me lol

This is also true
do any of yoiu have any stories share
I was at a mates house, it was like 2 in the morning.
out of knowwhere his 12yr old brother runs out to us and just stood still. my mate hurled a pilliow at him and he turned around and piss bolted back into bed. but he had closed his door so he ran into it. than he eventually got into bed. 30 mins later i go to take a piss and his sister was just standing there staring at me. so i turned around and went to bed. She was so scary. it was like a horror movie.