hi, this may be pretty generic, and i'm pretty sure this also varies with diffirent kinds of music, but while recording on audacity, what is the best distribution of volume per instrument. IE, should the drums be louder than the guitars, bass louder than vocals, vocals louder than guitars etc. Again, i know this differs with diffirent kinds of music, but for a basic, normal sounding recording, what would the best set up be? The gain in audacity works from 1-10, so if anyone is nice enough to answer this, it would be awesome if it were something like:
etc, thanks a bunch.
There's no preset anyone can give you. The drums will probably be naturally recorded louder than everything else, and the vocals probably the quietest. Things record at different volumes depending on where the mic is placed, what the input levels are, etc. So my advice to you would be to simply play around with it, and see what sounds the best.
Just use your ears and try to make everything sound right. Try taking a record that you think was recorded especially well and do your best to imitate everything about it including the levels of each instrument and the way the sound is distributed between right and left and where it sounds like each instrument is coming from(like back of the room, front of the room, top or bottom). Get some friends to listen to your mix and give you some input on the levels of all the instruments so you don't end up making the instrument that you play too loud in the mix.
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mostly, you want you're vocals/guitar to be the loudest parts....and you want the vocals to be a little bit louder than the guitar...and the bass should be some what quiet, but you want to be able to hear it still...and then what i do on audiacity, is i make it so on quiet parts of the song, i cross fade the drums out to 50% and then when it gets louder, cross fade in to full volume
but thats just how i set it up....dont follow this if you dont want to....cuz remember: