So...I seem to find myself without a pick a lot and no time to go to a store. What do you guys use as an alternative besides your fingers? I usually use a dime...or some coin.

Nothing. Pick or fingers.

Hey guys! I just started playing electric guitar should I get a Gabson Lay Pall or a Femdor Startokaster. I like the picks on the gabsons but i like how sweet femdors look. Beforre i get a gabson what company makes them?
I cut up a plastic package and made a trianlge shaped piece. I've also used an eraser and a needle.
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If you have a problem with not having picks, buy a Jim Dunlop pickholder/key-ring or their "ergonomic" pickholder (it adheres itself to your guitar) at your local music store. Best thing I ever bought. Usually around $5, worth every penny, especially considering that I haven't lost a single pick I've put in there. So always have one of those with you (like I do) or learn to play without a pick.
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If you can't run out and get a stickpick, then just get those plastic things from bread bags.
Works like magic until you get a pick :]
STEAL ONE mwhahahaha,
use a coin or cut the edge of an old credit card
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Screw picks,

Grow out ur fingernails

better yet, grow ur toenail, and after about a year, clip it off and use that.
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I usually just cut off some kid's fingers (but I always give them back when I'm done).
i keep 2 picks in my wallet. its not like i go to GC w.o money even tho I usually don't buy anything from them.
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I never ran out of picks in my life.
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i have picks strewn out threwout my room its crazy. i woke up once b/c one was poking me in the back.
I've seen people use pennys.

I however, always have at least one pick on me. It's like I get up, grab 4 things and put them in my pants, my wallet, my cell phone, my keys and my pick

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Some cruddy classical that my parents bought off ebay for like 40 bucks.
I've used a penny before as a pick. It's kind of hard to play, and it feels like you're going to break the strings when you strum.
lol that reminds me, today there was this kid on the bus that was in like 7th and he was taking an acoustic guitar class in school, and I could barely hear him trying to pick out stairway to heaven, he was messing up every 5th note.. so I was like '' no stairway on this bus'' lmfao it was funny, but anyways I go up there and im like '' let me see your guitar, he hands it to me its a nasty acoustic even nastier than my 80 dollar first act acoustic, so im like.. '' wheres the pick?'' and he's like... ''inside the guitar'' lmfao * shakes the guitar* I can get it out so im like '' get the pick out'' so he trys and fails.. im like '' why do put your pick in your guitar?'' he's like '' so I wont lose it'' im like.. ''ok...'' so he hands me a penny to use as a pick lmfao..
i never use picks. use my finger as a pick, i get more control/variations of tone that way.

and when i do use a pick, i use a quarter.. because its the next best thing to six pence piece
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I usually finger pick, or borrow one of the stores. They have a box infront of the guitar secition of the store with various picks in it.
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i use my index finger as a pic
dont use any forgien objects lol
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Allans Music generally have a whole box of picks.
I just ask if I can borrow one if I'm or buy one (for a couple of cents) if I feel like it.
I'm pretty much never out of picks. I can literally look around my room and am bound to find one somewhere. I probalby have more than 100 picks throughout my room...
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I use quarters, their isn't a thick enough gauge pick for me. Plus quarters are more metal.
If you can't find a pick that's thick enough for you, get a Dunlop Big Stubby. It's like, 3.5 mm thick, whereas most heavy picks are .85 mm thick. Go for it.

Coins are bad for your strings.
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yea if im at a guitar store and i forgot my pick, i usually just steal one from a jar.
How about sticking a pick in your wallet? Well people glare at me when I use coins, because they do wear out the strings faster.
I usually ask the sales for a pick, then I don't return them.
All the guitar stores I've been in would either give me a pick or let me borrow one. Worst case scenario I would shell out $.50 and buy one or two.
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In the unlikely event i'm without a pick, I play using my 1st finger as a pick. Either that or proper fingerstyle. It's worth learning.
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I played a whole gig with a pound coin once lol
sounded better than i thought it would :P
I'm a fingers kinda guy too... I get more control with SKIN & NAILS than I do with plastic - and as stated better tonal qualities - let the electronics do the work for ya and control the whole schmeeer with my fingas! I get great harmonics and pinch harmonics, etc.
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I always have picks in wallet.
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My friend once used a pull top from like, a mountain dew...We were at camp though, and nobody had any picks left. Hilarious...

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I keep a pick in my wallet, and my coat pocket. I never run out of picks, coz' every tiem I got o a guitar store, I buy some. One time at school, I lost my pick, so I used a pen lid, and one time I used a twenty pence coin.