This is a song i wrote and composed recently. It is a tribute to the band Explosions in the sky. It is my first recording so you may notice a few cut off parts but bear with it.


Check it out and enjoy.
Tell me what you think.
i really like this, great quality and playing as well...gets a little repetitive after a while, have it pick up a bit sooner with the solo, also this song sounds like it need some strings or synth
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Yea i agree. I plan on editing and messing around with this song a bit. I was going to make the distortion kick in a bit more after the harmony bit but I wanted to finish it off quick. I think a synth would sound nicely in it as well. All i gotta do is get my keyboard working but these are all great ideas.

Thanks for the tips.
Nice song man. I enjoyed the hard rock tone to the guitar. One part the two guitars seemed a little off. I believe it was a little after the intro. Other than that i enjoyed the song. Good job. And thanks for the crit as well.