they sounded good, and you were awesome on are you dead yet
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very good job =] i like how you played with someone else also, dont see that much in covers... great job the both of you, keep it up
that was cool, you did the solo parts really well on both songs
Haha, sometimes it's good to look at your guitar. It does look like you're playing guitar hero.

And nice work on Are you dead yet?.
nice man how long u been playin?
btw nice job Are You Dead Yet is one of my favorites
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lol thanks guys yea it looks like im playing guitar hero cause i was using guitar pro and i was following along cause i had just learned it and wasnt positive bout the order.
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nice man how long u been playin?
btw nice job Are You Dead Yet is one of my favorites

ive been playng since i was seven but i really didnt get into it until i was like eleven. and im fifteen now.
This should go in the Riffs and Recordings -> Cover Songs forum.

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I like your hair TS, but i think the guy on the lefts tone was unbearable. Good playing from both though.
Nice job on both, sounded real! lol

Anyway, I'm kinda new to guitar, and rather than making my own thread and asking this question, I'll ask here since you did it. There was a part of the intro to are you dead yet where you made a squeal kind of sound. It looks like you move your pick towards the bridge when you do it. I was just wondering what that is and how you do it.