ok I searched for this but didn't see a thread like this so...

who or what influenced you to get into playing/creating music... does not have to be guitar of bass or whatever. Just whatever got you started on music.


Also who influences your music style the most?
Jeff Loomis

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Someone I know gave me a chance to be in a band if I learnt bass ... I did and my intrests in music just took off from there.
Alter Bridge.
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The band that got me started was Metallica, hands down. After I heard Ride the Lightning I had to get a guitar :P

Right now my main influence comes from Rammstein, Testament, and (laugh at me if you will) Dethklok. I'm serious about Dethklok, actually, because I love the riffing and I wish I could make something that heavy xD

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Jeff Lynne, George Harrison, David Gilmour, Tom Petty. The list goes on and on
At the moment my main influences are: Fleetwood Mac (all of em), Lovin Spoonful (mainly Sebastein), Phil Ochs, Eric Clapton, SRV, David Bowie, and probably other people but thats all that comes to mind right now.
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System of a Down and my brother got me to want to start guitar. I'd say the biggest musical influence to me is Opeth but I also draw from many other bands like Mars Volta, Necrophagist, The Faceless, Dimmu Borgir, Metallica, Ac-Dc, Led Zeppelin, various blues stuff from guitar teachers... yeah it's an odd mix
Euronymous, James Hetfield, Dave Mustaine, My uncle Dale, Tony Iommi, Scott Ian, and Johnny Cash are my main influences.
the major person that inspired me would be my mom, she's where i get my artistic side from. my first cd was the beatles' abbey road, so that got me hooked on guitar. i finally decided to start playing after going to an reo speedwagon concert and watching their guitarist rip out countless pentarock licks on a gold top lp. for style it's a mix of srv, john frusciante, kurt cobain, and les claypool. (i play slap guitar)
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early afi, my chemical romance, as i lay dying, a7x, children of bodom, cradle of filth, atreyu... those are my main influences =]
Nirvana,i was 11 and on vh1 they had 100 greatest rock songs on ,and smells like teen spirit was on.and i heard the intro ,it blew my mind,then that christmas ,i'm lefty and seeing kurt cobain being lefty was very cool for me,my other influnces are The beatles,nirvana,ac/dc,motley crue,led zeppelin,the doors ,jimi hendrix,boston,aerosmith
Les Claypool..Justin chancellor and Jordie White.

will-ehdit = Buckethead..and the guy from Death from above 1979/
hey guy!
The offspring got me into guitar seeing how cool dexter looked with his sunnies on and a guitar made me want to be him.....

but i realised later on that powerchords suck so Dimebag gets me going and every day i think to myself when i grow up im gonna be the next Dimebag, **** i know its not gonna happen but it would be cool if i did.

and if i do and i become famous im gonna try and make a stand against animal cruelty not like all that save the whales shit just against domestic animals like cats and dogs.
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Audioslave and the Johnny B. Goode scene from Back to the Future got me into music.
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Let's see the bands that got me really into music were Blink 182 and Sum 41 (my musical tastes have developed since then but I'll gladly admit I still love both bands to this day). The bands that most influence my music vary quite a bit...

Lyrically: Jesse Lacey, Conor Oberst, Geoff Rickley, Max Bemis, Depression, Times of extreme inner-peace.

Musically: Rise Against, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bright Eyes, Taking Back Sunday, The Movielife, John Mayer, and Brand New's acoustic songs.
Ive always had a stubborn creative streak... with my first paycheck i bought a $130 first act electric to see if that would keep me busy. now i play 5 hours a day, attempting to mimic the flowing smooth solos of david gilmour
Brian May,because "Tie Your Mother Down" made me pickup the guitar.
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