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Yeah, I just declared myself a legend. So what.

Ovalish Orange

With twenty lem-na-tu,
you're simply one-two-three...
In one, in two, or three hours it begins.
A cool breeze breaches the expanse of the mind
and in the event that the sky reacts somehow
(turns blacker than dye and right-side-out?)
you must close your lids to endure frequent spins
around a universe with only endless dead ends..
..and you realize at once that the feeling is timeless.

You must escape somehow
from fate's illustrious hold
on your face, on your hair,
until your feeling grows old.
Your skin is no longer golden
nor troubled by sin
but when the fire beside her
releases its end,
no longer spin.

(The end?)


Vancouver uplifts like a cancer recovery.
Color me motherly.
Father would say, "don't wake the sleeping pills."
Around two o' clock,
round two:
clock versus city,
this city's sitting on a threnody.
look on the bright side: you don't have
to make a hospital smile. and you don't to make
a hospital bed. cut her dosage in half.

how in the way is your hand?
how in the way your hand is.
how in the way you cover your mouth when you smile.

the only thing that keeps us young is that we think
we're old.
we grown up fight a lot.
I've thrown up tonight a lot.
insomni(a) glass of poison
insomni(a) cure.

and he wore all day his glasses
to imitate the famous artist.

how in the way is your hand?
how in the way your hand is.
how in the way you cover your mouth when you smile.

if you lived here you'd be home now.
the airport improvement fee's next,
to phoenix.
I missed the rain like a slave misses
a master.
Half mast
Past her.
I see you decided to change your piece for the remake, but honestly I liked the other one more even though the two are completely and extremely different. Gluck!
Both were good, but I liked Orange better.

Peace (sells)
Blue appealed more to my tastes. But still close call.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
i'm not sure, but i'm glad we tied.

i consider you a friendly rival, ever since the beginning blake, you've been there. and we had a one on one about a year and a half ago that ended in a tie as well.

it was like 18-18 too, it was ludicrious.

good job my friend.