For The Cause, It Was...

There were hundreds of men all clad in protection.
Weapons of choice had been selected.
Directed North, they marched for the hills,
marched under order, and for the cause.

Towers slowly appeared beyond the next crest,
alarms were heard sounding up ahead in the distance.
A handful of scared soldiers turned face and marched back,
soon ambushed by the night and put to nature's mercy.

The army held an anxious stand and waited for dark,
lit torches for light and the burning of homes.
In sudden, a man of jewelry and gold appeared,
approached the army at a pace of the elders.

Perhaps ignorantly, but with no lack of honor,
he bore a crown visible for the raiders to see.
"I bring only words of kind negoting to thee,
spare me thy time to implore thou of some accord."

But with an absent army and a slain King, certain victory would be at hand,
and so was good reason for the blade which then fell.
A strike to the collar brought the former King to rest.
Slain afront the city's main gate, a last breath of speech escaped him:

"Curses," he mumbled. "Curses."

Pillagers of war now trespassed the gate without warning,
torching straw-matted roofs after raping the women inside.
The streets became littered with their robes, blood, and bodies.
There was gradually less noise as the slaughter raged on.

Days later, the dead King's own victorious army returned from war
to find their streets littered with the robes and blood of their wives.
Many cries were heard from armoured men that day
who no longer had homes or women in their beds.

The raiders returned home to the walls of their own days later
to find their streets similarly littered with bodies, yet no blood?
The inexplicable death of an entire population
put the returning army into a state of confusion.

"Curses," murmured Commander. "Damn thy curses to hell."
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Shit dude, this sounds Epic to the max lol..but seriously...this would be a good like, 9 minute song n some shit....nice work
Jesus Christ, blake. How do you pull this shit off? Going from drunken meanderings on paper to a classical morality play, and never failing to impress everybody...what the ****? Why are you allowed to do this shit?

It's damn unfair, you know.


and to think, i simply clicked "Start New Thread", wrote "For The Cause, It Was..." at the top and just started writing and writing until I reached the end.
i liked the premise of it quite a bit, unless i'm getting the story wrong. so like the one army went to the other place and found it empty so they ravaged it, and while they were gone the other army killed their stuff and then they came home and all their stuff was dead.

i know i make it sound like shit, but it's a really cool concept. the writing was obviously very well done.

there were some lines i didn't like, such as the second one. i also kind of had the feeling you could've pulled off a similar sentiment in much fewer lines, but it's also good like this so whatever.

i'm kinda rambling but it's on topic i guess.

i like your shirt

Well you've pretty much got it right, except the "raiders" went out to conquer one place, and when they got there they found only the King and the women and other civilians because their army was out conquering somewhere else. They took advantage of that and overtook the city with no resistance.

When the second army returned home, they found their King dead as well as all the woman/civilians.

When the raiders returned home, they found all their town dead as well, but they had not died by violence, instead it was because of some kind of a plague which happened to hit their city while they were gone.

Basically the King got lucky when he said "Curses" to the Commander and his army after receiving his deathblow.

I'm glad everyone likes this, I wish I knew what more of you thought of it though